Friday, June 24, 2011

Fiber Creative Prompt List

One of my latest projects is a list of creative prompts for weavers, spinners or all types of fiber artists. It gives some insight into how I work, I suppose. Or at least how my brain works. I think it is important for us to examine how we work, at times. The process of reflection helps our creativity. It is, actually, an integral part of the creative process itself.

I am up to 76 items on the list. Here are some examples:

* Notice the color green {red} {blue} {yellow} {purple} {orange} all day today.

* Make a sample book of all the fleece you have yet to spin.

* Make a running list of all the warps you have put on the loom and woven.

* Get out a box of buttons or beads and sort through them randomly.

If you would like a copy of the entire list, I am happy to send you the latest version via email. Find my contact information on my website.

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